Information of “BOKU-KARA collaboration room” appears at JOYSOUND store


We will inform you that the collaboration room of VR Boxing Karaoke 【BOKU-KARA】 is now available for playing at JOYSOUND Shinagawa Port South Exit Store.
During the period from July 27th to November 29th, the VR Boxing Karaoke Collaboration Room will be set up, called “VR Boxing Karaoke × JOYSOUND Directly Managed Store Collaboration Campaign”.

We have set up a visual coloring wallpaper and boxing ring reminiscent of boxing venue. Please enjoy “BOKU-KARA” which was popular also at Tokyo Game Show 2017 on this opportunity.

■ Store: JOYSOUND Shinagawa Port South Exit Store
■ Reservation Tel: 03-5495-7064
■ Period: Friday, July 27, 2018 – Thursday, November 29, 2018
■ Details: