“This is what I want.” I bet you say.

In recent years, BtoB/BtoC, Business/Entertainment is getting be mixed.
What is the true value within such a rapid stream of tons of apperance of devices and services ?
Ideas from zero based concept, Solutions using high technology proved by long histories, True hearts on delivery.
We never push, never be influenced, Always present real useful thing.
Because Making good things make people smile.
We are Prodigy.

Services for Corporate business

We have specialty of Planning and Developing about :
-Retail system like POS
-Marketing system like Offline to Online
-IoT frontside like using various in/out devices which connected to WEB
-Virtual Reality, Tiny hardware, Graphical contents

Services for Entertainment market

We have much experiences of planning/developing for smartdevices,WEB,consumer games.
Also have specialty of rich frontside, Virtual Reality contents.
Developing embeded systems and graphics for Pachinko/Pachislot is also available.