Virtual Reality + IoT

Virtual Reality is still just only an experience, but by combining the collection and analysis of the biometric data under experience, or combined with the physical operation to a remote place, it is possible to create more fun and useful systems for the world.

For example …

– A simulator combining experiences of real experiences that can not be experienced such as disasters, high altitudes, accidents and measurements of biometric data by pulse and brain wave sensors

– A system that allows remote stereoscopic viewing and manipulation of objects that are not accessible by humans or objects that exist around the world

We are using our original engine to develop useful things like these.

Automated retail

As a countermeasure against human resources shortage and various temporal and location needs, in various business categories, saving labor is not enough, the unmanned state is progressing.

As a measure against such problems, we support the development of unmanned store solutions that make full use of cameras, sensors, certificates and IC tags.