Message from CEO

Been,Always be professionals of digital.
I think, the meaning of PROFESSIONAL is knowing needs of users further than users knows.
So it’s important that always have bird’s eyes and think WHY we have to make the product.
Those are simple and basic but We are being here today because We’ve been doing this way.

Will win if never stop.
IT industry is still baby but will never stop growing up – mainframe-workstation-personal computer-internet-laptop-mobile devices-VR-IoT-…
We’ve been repeating lost and find but true answer is always there.
In such a chaos stream, we’ve been keep hanging ten fingers on newest technology and investing for prototype so that we can keep making our own waves.
This is the nature essense of Prodigy.

We will keep running in straight attitude based on basic foundation.
And for make user smile, will keep having mind of making useful-and-fun products as IT professionals who always beyond higher walls.

Company Profile

company name Prodigy Co.,Ltd.
location Dainichi Kanda Bldg. 3rd floor 2-13-7 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku 101-0021 Tokyo,Japan

website (PC / mobile phone / iPhone compatible)
Establishment May 2006
Capital 10,000,000 yen
number of employees 30 people
Suppliers Apple Inc. / BB Studio / CYBER AGENT / Digital Works Entertainment / / Elem Community / Fuji Soft / Google Inc. / Healthcare Wealth / Now production / et al. (Alphabetical order · honorific title short)
Registered organization Association of Computer Entertainment (CESA)
Bank Mizuho Bank Ueno Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Akihabara Branch
Asahi Shinkin Yushima Branch
branch Oita branch, Development center
location Daisan Taisei BLDG 202, 11-2 Kotobukimachi, Oita city, 870-0036 Oita,Japan



  • 2006.5
    Established Prodigy Co., Ltd.
  • 2007.07
    Tokyo office opened in Akihabara
  • 2008.04
    Establish the 2nd Tokyo office in Akihabara and make it a strategic office.
    (The first Tokyo office will be the development room)
  • 2009.12
    Gigander X Released
  • 2010.01
    Establishment of India corporation
  • 2010.09
    Fit for Rhythm released, Martian's attack on sale
  • 2010.10
    Hiramekki released
  • 2011.02
    ClausEngine Released
  • 2012.02
    Dance Battle Release
    Fit for Rhythm will be selected as '2011 Health Awards Program for Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs' in Hong Kong
  • 2012.03
    New Tokyo office opened in Akihabara, merging development and strategy office
  • 2013.07
    Zombie Tunes Released
  • 2014.02
    Akibaman released
  • 2014.06
    Dark Zaka Apartment Released
  • 2014.08
    Akihabara office 3F expanded
  • 2014.09
    Tokyo Game Show 2014 Exhibition
  • 2014.12
    Space exploration rocket released
  • 2015.02
    "Oita Manufacturing Kingdom Comprehensive Exhibition 2015" Exhibited
  • 2015.04
    "Nikoniko Super Conference 2015" Exhibition
  • 2015.05
    "Game Market Spring 2015 Spring" Exhibited
    Gingaizer released
  • 2015.09
    Tokyo Game Show 2015 Exhibition
  • 2015.11
    "Game Market Fall 2015" Exhibited
  • 2016.05
    "Game Market Spring 2016 Spring" Exhibited
  • 2016.09
    Tokyo Game Show 2016 Exhibition
  • 2017.06
    Capital increased to 5 million yen
  • 2017.09
    Tokyo Game Show 2017 Exhibition  exhibited『BOKU-KARA』as the first contents of「SPO-KARA」
  • 2018.04
    NICONICO CHOKAIGI 2018 Exhibition  exhibited『BOKU-KARA』at the boot of JOYDOUND
  • 2018.06
    Capital increased to 10 million yen
  • 2018.07
    “SPO-KARA” and “BOKU-KARA” were officially approved as a trademark registration.
  • 2018.07
    The collaboration room of 【BOKU-KARA】 is available for playing at JOYSOUND Shinagawa Port South Exit Store
  • 2018.10
    Establish the Oita branch in Oita City and make it a development center.