Defeat the zombies flying the music CD!
Play with listening the latest hit chart as BGM
Exciting action game !


Your favorite music CD becomes a weapon !
Aim for a high score by cutting a towering flock of zombies !

Let's get the latest album rankings from the iTunes Store and display it ! And chose one of the favorite from among them ! You can play while listening it!

- When you trace the screen with a finger from the left to the right, CD flies in that direction!
- "Trace quickly the longer distance". The initial velocity of the CD raises and flies far!
- Throw aiming at the "slightly slanting" is the trick!

- If CD hits the zombie the score will be added! If CD hits the zombie head the score will be doubled !?
- If the color of the "score magnification gauge" is closer to green the score increases!
- If you tap the screen CD will boost once and re-accelerate! ?
- Score magnification gauge and boost angle are different depending upon the CD to fly! ook for the famous recording which suits to your own style! ?

- The game is over when the CD fall on the ground! Post the results to various SNS! ?
- By competing the score among people who flew the same CD, introducing a favorite CD, or talking your impression of the CD we want you to make a chance of companionship through "ZombieTunes"!