Space Exploration Rocket

Space Exploration Rocket




Easy to space exploration with a simple operation !

How to Play

Meteorite collection

If you release and pull a rocket it flies! It is the same operation method of "Monsuto". You can touch anywhere on the screen.


As meteorite become warp energy you can warp faraway if you collect a lot of meteorite! If you go much farther you surely meet with new aliens.

Encounter with Aliens


Are aliens at the time of the UFO boom ? Alien of SF movie? We have seen or not in somewhere ...
Try to encounter with the strange aliens closely !

Rocket evolution !

RocketAt first the rocket is a piece of junk but it will become increasingly high performance !



In 21XX though human being has reached the space age with the development of warp navigation, we are suffered from a terrible crisis at the same time. The unknown pathogen of the blood called "Ankoromeda disease" that the blood becomes sweet Anko is prevalent. To save the human race , you must have the "Apple of life" in the "Eden Star" in a million light-years distance.
Let's start to the space exploration to save the human race !

Bits of knowledge

"It is believed thath the birth of the universe was about 137 million years ago (NASA)."
"The most massive black holes that have been confirmed is 17 billion times the size of the sun (NASA)."
"After 5 billion years , the sun becomes a red giant and swallow the Earth (NASA) .
As such there are much beans knowledge of the universe which want to tell your friends.Let's become a Docter of the Space !