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"What the hell I've done!” I murmured unconsciously.
On October 30, 2039, I’m in charge of weapon transfer for earth federation force and have been exhausted due to overwork the day after day.
My mistake is that I have forwarded the huge amount of bio-weapon, which I should have sent to planet VEGA in 100 years before, to the earth in 100 before.
“If the force found out that, I would be in the trouble much more than just being fired. It seems I have no choice but managing the situation by myself.”
I took an air-press machine and a shock wave-generator, and I jumped onto the transfer pod.



Single tap: Shock wave attack
Double tap: Air press attack

Use the shock wave to place them in one place and smash them by air-press attack!

ボム子:しかもつがいかよ! まったく女ってのは、放っとくと爆発しやがる!

A red octopus: These are bio-weapons developed by the earth force.
Curse! The amount is too much to smash down completely.
A yellow octopus: Although I’ve never see them, I heard their leader looks yellow and their combative motivation would decrease by destroying these weapons.
Bomb-guy: American army-force sent me such a thing when I requested President Roosevelt for support.
Bomb-girl: besides they are paired. I think a woman always explode when she is left alone.
Tom: Hey! If civilians are mixed up, it is hard to identify.
I might smash you for a mistake while you are hanging around.

120匹出現したら、ジ・エンドだ。 衝撃波で寄せ集めて、エアプレスをお見舞いするぜ!

This is a mode without ending.
The aliens appear one after another no matter how many you smash.
Their leader Yellow Octopus will hang around on rare occasions but quickly moves away. So you have to pay attention for the yellow octopus.
The game is over as soon as 120 aliens gather.
Use the shock wave to place the octopuses in one place and smash them by air-press attack.

どこの誰だか知らねえが、俺様に指令を出しやがった。 面白れえ、やってやるぜ!
3分以内に指令を完遂したら、銀のトロフィーをくれるらしいぜ。 すげえ記録を出したら、金のトロフィーだ!

Someone, I have no idea about, gave me an exciting order.
Completion of mission within 3 min rewards me with a silver trophy.
More amazing record is worth a gold trophy.

バイオ兵器を世界中にばらまいちまったんで、 世界各国の軍に衝撃波発生機とエアプレス機を配給したぜ!

Bio-weapon has spread to world wide, So I supplied air-press machines and shock wave-generators to armies in the world.
Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!