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In distributing now! Click1!




(The distribution of following apps is currently over.)

mixi app mobile Hiramekki !

"Hiramekki !" is mixi app to enjoy that the new inspiration is born by connecting tweet by someone and you.

New Features Part 1

If you announced the inspiration and its evaluation is posted, the experience value will be accumelated to your Hiramekki .
If the experience is accumulated to a certain value , Hiramekki will grow .

New Features Part 2

To your favorite hirameki (inspiration) you can put a " seal" you have.
The seal you put is a new hiramaki or ranking and it will be displayed behind the hirameki.

What is the Hiramekki?

For example , someone murmured as " lover is a Santa Claus " ,
... When another someone muttered as the " Santa Claus is a beard man"
Hiramekki inspirates by connecting them !
"... therefore, the lover is a beard man!" !

First of all, please tweet a lot without thinking anything .
As connected with someone's tweet one day, it might happen mysterous encounter to you.

Currently, you can enjoy this only by mobile phone.