すごい!よく見つけたわね! アナベラの部屋へようこそ!

ここは二人だけの秘密の部屋よ。 攻略のヒントや、もっとすてきなプレゼントも用意しておくわ。 また見に来てね。

今日はXアタックのヒントを教えるわ。 むやみにXアタックをしても、敵ロボットはガードしちゃうわ。もう気付いてるわね?だから敵がガードできない状態にしないとXアタックはヒットしないの。

Well done! You managed to find this place!
Here is a secret room just the two of us.
I’m supposed to prepare a nice present and a hint of better way to beat the enemies with a high score. Visit this room again later.

Today’s hint is regarding the X-Attack.
Random use of the X-Attack does not lead to successful hits on the enemies. They will guard for sure. You might have already noticed that X-Attack should be done after creating a situation where the enemy cannot guard.
I will explain in more detail next time.
The hint keyword is ・・・ "COMBO" !

Here is another present for you. It’s a wallpaper of the logistical support force bombergirl, Christina, who has come out in Episode 1! She is sometimes careless for a moment and looks to be in danger though she is actually a cheerful and nice girl. I suspect she is not appropriate for the logistical support? … She might get shot from behind; however, she is truly a good girl.

お待たせ。 新しい壁紙よ。エピソード2に出てきたキャビンアテンダントのブリジットちゃん。いつも戦闘空域まで送り迎えしてもらっているわね。彼女のサービスは評判が高くて、軍や政府の高官も彼女をよく指名するそうよ。彼女のおかげでいつも楽しい空の旅ができるの。