Feeling strange phenomenon, click and search horror game.
All 24 kinds of strange phenomenon pounce in 3D sound ... !

* Please do not play for anyone with a bad heart

In the room 104, dark hill apartments.
Once upon a time there was a terrible incident .
After that psychic phenomena frequently happens mainly from this room and
soon no one lives in the apartment any longer.

This psychic spot has many missing people:
"Everyone who visits will be missing."
"Though no one supposed to be there the water flows and if you get involved you will be swallowed."
"Do not examine the entrance , bathroom and toilet."
Urban legends and rumors are unceasing.

You take a step in into the room 104 with a story behind to make sure those rumors.

When you tap doorknob or drainage ditch strange phenomenon occurs under certain conditions.
It is ending if you are able to cause the strange phenomenon of the last moment .

Even if nothing seems to be there by examining several times it occasionally happens.

Perhaps it went melted .
Dark and deep , ... to the bottom of the water with sorrow